The Brew Recruiter

Hi Folks!

You’ve found the Brew Recruiter!  I started this blog in part to help promote and spread beer education, and also to help me study for my Cicerone exam.  My blog, for the time being, is very simple, and I want it to appeal to beer drinkers of all experience levels.  No beer-geekiness required!  My goal is to explore the vast world of craft beer, make it accessible to everyone, and help us all discover our inner beer taster.  I want to be your beer educator while simultaneously learning more about beer, myself.

In the Recruiter Reviews Section, I evaluate and review different craft beers.  I will be sure to pick from a variety of styles and breweries so that the reader feels open to trying a wide variety of beers.  When the opportunities arise, I will give my opinion on popular, rare, and trendy beers.  However, I do want to emphasize that this blog is not geared exclusively towards beer geeks, and I intend to review as many styles of beer as I possibly can (and for those who don’t know- there are many styles).  My goal is to broaden the reader’s horizons, and help them realize that there are a lot of different beers to try- not just the trendy ones.

In The Flight Panel Section, I meet with a small panel of volunteers, and present them with an array of different beers in a blind taste test.  Those who participate in my panels will come from a diverse background of beer appreciation, experience, and knowledge- from the novices to the experts. Our goal will be to completely and utterly dissect a wide variety of beers down to their minute details and, hopefully, hone in on those qualities that make those beers enjoyable (or not, as the case may be).  If you would like to participate in one of these panels, I would love to hear from you on my contact page!  Beer drinkers of all experience levels are welcome!  To start, I will conduct new panels once per month, but I will conduct more as interest rises.  All participants must be age 21 or older.

The all new Brewery Profiles section is dedicated to interviewing craft brewers and tasting the beers they have to offer.  My main focus will initially be on breweries from Rhode Island because that is my home state and I love supporting my local craft beer scene.  However, I will be sure to bring you interviews and content from wherever my beer travels take me should the opportunities arise.

Check out the Archives page to look back on all previous Recruiter Reviews, Panels, and Brewery Profiles.

My goal is not to just geek out on beer, but to raise craft beer awareness, spread craft beer appreciation, and help us all realize that inner beer taster inside of us.  Beer is, in my humble opinion, the most diverse and complex beverage that mankind has ever created, and I believe it to be my mission to help others appreciate beer as much as I have learned to myself.  It is my hope that you join me on my mission.