Newburyport Brewing Company: Plum Island

It’s time for another installment of the unofficial series: “Rich just got off of work and needs a beer”.  Considering the forecast for tomorrow is set to soar into the 90’s (wasn’t it in the 50’s last week?), I’ve decided to explore what beers that I would potentially want to be drinking during the hot New England summer.  Last night, the bar I work at had a Newburyport Brewing Company pint night.  One of the featured beers was their Plum Island Belgian Wit (and I’m a sucker for Belgian Wits, so this just seemed right).  Check out my tasting notes:

Beer Name: Plum Island

Brewery: Newburyport Brewing Company

Brewery Location: Newburyport, MA

Beer Style: Belgian Witbier

ABV: 5.4%


Plum Island pours a straw-golden color with a thick creamy head.  Hazy, but not quite opaque.

Plum Island


I picked up some lemon/orange citrus character (more peel/rind than actual juice), with some background notes of banana.  Overall a very inviting nose!

Taste & Aftertaste

The dominant flavors of this beer seem to match the nose of it.  Right up front, I get a big burst of citrus and banana, rounded off by a very slight peppery twang.  I want to say that the some of the citrus that I detect comes from coriander (at least that’s what the flavor is reminding me of) which is traditional in a Belgian wit.  I’ve had more than a couple of examples of this style of beer that were overly spicy or bitter (sort of like when you over-zest a lemon and you get that bitter pith)- this beer is not like that in the least.  If anything, it’s really smooth and easy to drink- kind of like a Hoegaarden but less peppery.  It’s got a thick and creamy mouthfeel, but also finishes fairly dry making you want to take another sip.

Overall Impressions

This is an excellent example of a Belgian Wit.  If I had more of an ego, I would call this high praise because Belgian Wits are one of my favorite go-to styles.  Take my word for what it is.  This beer is smooth, citrusy, and refreshing.  It’s something I would not mind going back to over and over again this summer, especially on a hot summer day.  If this is my kickoff to the summer, then I’m off to an excellent start.

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