Banded Horn Brewing Co: Pepperell Pilsener 2/9/2017

Today the Ocean State is being pummeled by a blizzard, and after being bogged down by a busy work schedule, I find that I finally have a lot of extra time to burn on this excessively snowy day.  So with that, I have decided to review a Pilsner!  You’re probably thinking that I picked one of the worst “cold weather beers” possible.  This is true, however I have been meaning to review this particular beer for several weeks, but 2 different recent colds have compromised my ability to taste, so I’m going to knock this one out before the next one hits me.  Enter Pepperell Pils from Banded Horn.  Check it out:

Beer Name: Pepperell Pilsener

Brewery: Banded Horn Brewing Co.

Brewery Location: Biddeford, Maine

Beer Style: Pilsner

ABV: 4.6%

IBU: 38


Pepperell Pils pours a straw-yellow color, is mostly clear (with a slight haze to it), and a solid white head that follows the glass all the way down.



This beer has a lightly flowery and grainy aroma with some definite hints of green apple on the nose.

Taste & Aftertaste

A grainy character (with slight hints of cooked corn) hits you up front (I am mostly reminded of white bread), followed by a prominent (though not remotely aggressive) bitterness.  A sort of earthy/flowery hop character is present in the flavor, however I would not mind seeing more of it.  When served cold, the green apple characteristics that I picked up in the aroma aren’t as present, but they do shine through more as the beer warms up.  Other fruity esters also appear as the beer warms up.  The dry finish and low alcohol makes this beer a very easy drinker.  Overall, I would describe this beer as light and delicate, but with some interesting complexities.

Overall Impressions

This is not a bad beer overall, though truthfully it has some qualities to it that I feel get in the way of the elements that I like most in pilsners.  Most notably the green apple characteristics and the fruity esters seem to be vying for attention against the flowery hop and grainy malt characteristics that I usually love in a pilsner.  I found those fruity elements kind of distracting.  Again, this is not a bad beer, and I would enjoy a few of these at a barbeque, but at the end of the day there are other pilsners out there that I simply enjoy more.  The devil is in the details.