Night Shift Brewing: Furth 1/5/2017

Happy BREW year everybody (check horrible pun off the list).  I hope everybody’s new year was filled with good beer.  At least at the bar where I work, New Year’s Eve 2016 was filled with lots of people looking to utterly forget 2016 (who am I to judge?).  So it’s a new year, with new beer!  I’ve decided to pick a beer from Night Shift Brewing Company, who has been turning out quality beer since 2012.  I’ve been to their tap room a number of times and have yet to be disappointed by them.  Today, I decided to review Furth, their hefeweizen.  Check out my…FURTH review of the New Year (…yup, more bad puns!):

Beer Name: Furth

Brewery: Night Shift Brewing

Brewery Location: Everett, MA

Beer Style: Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.5%



Furth pours a cloudy yellow color with a creamy white head that persists all the way down the glass.



Up front I noticed notes of Banana, citrus (orange?), and light notes of black pepper.

Taste & Aftertaste

I usually expect at least some notes of banana and cloves when I drink hefeweizens, but with Furth, I got light-moderate notes of banana and no notes of clove whatsoever (not a bad thing, just different than expected).  One strong flavor that I am picking up on, which I am a really big fan of, is a clementine-like orangey flavor (reminiscent of a Belgian wit).  The malt character is very bready (I’m thinking whole wheat bread here); and on the back of my palate, I get a light hint of black pepper.  There is a slightly bitter aftertaste that does linger a little, but is far from unpleasant.  Overall the beer is medium-bodied (leaning more towards the heavy side) with barely noticeable hop character.  The fruity/citrusy notes are the clear star of this beer.  It is very easy to drink, and I easily could sit at a bar enjoying multiple pints of this beer.  Very well done!

Overall Impressions

This beer is an excellent German-style hefeweizen.  I especially love the notes of orange in the flavor- it accentuates the banana and bready flavors of the beer.  Style snobs might not be accepting of the citrusy flavors that are present in this beer, but I’m more in favor of good flavor than style accuracy.  This beer is excellent.  It’s an awesome German hefeweizen that has a slight twist to it.