Free Will Brewing Co: Blood & Guts Sour Ale (2015) 3/14/2017

Hey there folks!  Today, Rhode Island was hit by a “blizzard”.  In Providence, we got a fair amount of snow in the morning, and at least half of it was promptly washed away by rain in the afternoon.  Either way the weather has been very poor, which means that I have stuck inside all day.  So I decided to grab myself a sour cherry ale called “Blood & Guts Sour Ale” from Free Will Brewing Co to help distract myself from my cabin fever and the schizophrenic New England weather patterns.  Here’s the scoop:

Beer Name: Blood & Guts Sour Ale (2015)

Brewery: Free Will Brewing Co

Brewery Location: Perkasie, PA

Beer Style: American Wild Ale

ABV: 6.1%



Blood and Guts pours a deep mahogany color with a effervescent white head that disappears almost immediately- kind of like a champagne.

Blood and Guts


Slightly vinegary with faint notes of cherries, raisins, and figs.

Taste & Aftertaste

First of all- let’s just point out that this beer is not for someone who is not into sours.  This beer is pretty aggressively sour – it has a very prominent acetic character with some lactic tones in the background to add to its complexity.  Despite the fact that this beer has no head, it actually has a very prickly mouthfeel from the high carbonation.  I pick up some strong (dark) fruit characters in this beer- cherries are definitely in the forefront, but they don’t take over the beer.  Truthfully I was expecting something more closely resembling a Kriek (a Lambic-style beer that incorporates and features cherries heavily).  Instead, the cherry notes are balanced really nicely with notes of green apple and raisin, resulting in a complex and pleasant fruity/sour medley.  This beer starts off sweet, but finishes really dry.  It was quite delicious!

Overall Impressions

This is definitely one of the better sours that I’ve had in awhile.  This beer is neither overly fruity nor overly sweet while still packing a big sour punch.  I dove into this beer with the expectations of being delivered a cherry bomb, but instead I was given something with cherry overtones that are complimented by a supporting cast of other fruits- it was a nice surprise!  To any sour-heads out there, this beer will certainly meet your needs- it teeters on mouth-puckering, but doesn’t go over the edge.  It was definitely a good find on my part!