New Belgium Brewing Company: Accumulation 1/27/2017

Today after one of my shifts behind the bar, I had some extra time to kill, so I decided to dissect one of the beers we currently have on tap.  I decided to go with a beer that is one of my wife’s current favorites: New Belgium’s Accumulation.  Accumulation is a white IPA- a sort of cross between an IPA and a Belgian wit; and in my opinion I think this style of beer is underdone and underappreciated.  This is a shame because I am actually a big fan of the style and it is really refreshing and flavorful style of beer to have (provided it is done well).  Here’s the scoop:

Beer Name: Accumulation

Brewery: New Belgium Brewing Company

Brewery Location: Fort Colins, CO

Beer Style: White IPA

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 70


Accumulation pours a straw golden color with a creamy white head that lasts and lasts.  The beer was a bit opaque, but the keg kicked in the middle of my pour, so I probably got the bottom of one keg and the top of the other.



I picked up on a citrusy (mostly lemony) character, accompanied by some herbal notes.  I also got a very light and vague hint of garlic on the nose (commonly associated with certain hops).

Taste & Aftertaste

Accumulation has a medium, yet creamy, body with the same distinct citrusy (mostly lemony) character that you got on the nose (which I find really pleasant).  When you pair the lemon flavor with the fruity/spicy characteristics that you get from the yeast, you get a sort of herbal quality from the beer (a similar quality that I often find in certain teas, though to don’t be confused- this beer doesn’t taste like tea).  The malt character is like taking a bite out of an English muffin, and the hop bitterness is assertive enough to let you know that you’re drinking an IPA, but it doesn’t dominate your palate.  I’m actually surprised to learn that this beer is 70 IBUs (it tastes lower than that).  Overall, this is a very easy drinking beer!

Overall Impressions

I am of the opinion that white IPAs are very overlooked.  They don’t seem to command the same respect in the IPA community that a typical IPA/DIPA would garner.  As somebody who loves both Belgian wits and IPAs, I think they make a good bridge between the two (as the style is a sort of hybrid of the two styles).  I would recommend this beer to a hop head maybe looking to try out Belgian wits, or a wit lover looking to try out hops.  This beer is not so overly bitter that somebody who is typically averse to trying IPAs would dislike it.  Personally, I love this style of beer (including this beer), and would happily recommend this beer to most people.  It’s really easy to drink!  Well done!

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