Lost Nation Brewing: Gose 12/22/2016

For my recruiter review posts, I have generally tried to maintain a variety of styles of beer, as well as pick beers that are seasonally appropriate (or correspond to a certain holiday).  So it would make sense that for a post so close to Christmas, I would pick a Christmas/winter beer (darker and higher alcohol), right?  Well, I did a bit of a 180 today and picked a Gose (lighter and lower alcohol).  The main reason I did it is because Lost Nation Brewing is making their debut in my home state of Rhode Island, and when I was looking for a beer to review on the shelf of my local bottle shop, this beer stood out and curiosity got the best of me.  So Merry Christmas, everyone!  Here’s your…holiday gose:

Beer Name: Gose

Brewery: Lost Nation Brewing

Brewery Location: Morrisville, VT

Beer Style: Gose

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 8


Lost Nation: Gose pours a hazy straw color with an effervescent white head that dissipates as you continue to drink it.



A strong, lemony-orange characteristic is prominent on the nose with some slight earthy funk supporting in the background.  It’s interesting- sour is not something that is perceptible by smell, but when I sniff it, I can tell that there is some acidity present in this beer (similar to if you took a big whiff of orange juice).

Taste & Aftertaste

The first sip I took felt like I was taking a big bite from multi-grain bread.  This beer is lightly tart- less tart and citrusy than I was anticipating, and certainly less tart than other goses that I’ve had (which isn’t a bad thing at all).  I think there is a big misconception with sour beers that all sours are bold, mouth puckering, borderline vinegar-bombs (this is not always the case).  On the contrary, sour beers vary in both sour character and intensity.  A traditional gose is a wheat beer first, with some very light notes of tartness, citrus (from the coriander), and sea salt in the background.  This beer fits this description perfectly.  The breadiness of this beer is supported by hints of lemon and orange with a small hit of sea salt that accentuates the flavors of the beer (as well as helps to dry your palate out making you want to take another sip).  The light citrus and tartness of this beer are both very pleasant and not overbearing.  Furthermore, the low alcohol of this beer makes it very approachable, and, dare I say, crushable.  I’ll have to keep this beer in mind for my fridge next summer- it’s the perfect warm-weather thirst-quencher.

Overall Impressions

If you want to know what a traditional gose should taste like, you should get this beer.  It’s a straight forward gose without the bells and whistles (no added fruit or flavor to make it more “interesting”)- that’s a good thing in my opinion because it’s a sign of good craftsmanship.  In other words, this beer doesn’t try to be fancy to distract you from potential brewing flaws- it’s a basic (though not boring) and well crafted gose with fantastic citrus flavors.  I think people who are afraid of sour beers assume that all sour beers are going to be mouth puckering and unpleasant.  This beer is the perfect tool to help dispel that myth- the tartness is very mild and actually gives the beer a nice fruit-juice-like quality when coupled with the citrus flavors.  I could drink several of these on a warm summer day.  The only thing I have left to say is directed to Lost Nation Brewing: Welcome to the Ocean State!  Your beer is excellent.

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