Tired Hands Brewing Company: High Road 12/14/2016

What do you get when you have an older brother who brings back awesome beer from the Mid-Atlantic states?  A happy Brew Recruiter, that’s what.  It’s always refreshing to receive beers that are not otherwise available in my local beer market, so I have decided to share my recent acquisitions with all of you.  Today I’ve decided to review Tired Hands: High Road- a wonderfully fruity Double IPA that packs a serious flavor punch.  Yes I’m aware that I’ve gone on a bit of a hop binge as of late, but when you have good New England style IPAs available to you, you can’t help yourself but indulge a bit.  Please indulge with me:

Beer Name: High Road

Brewery: Tired Hands Brewing Company

Brewery Location: Ardmore, PA

Beer Style: Double IPA

ABV: 8%



High Road pours an opaque…basically murky deep orange color (bordering on light brown) with a creamy white head that laces the glass all the way down as you drink it.



I picked up grapefruit and floral notes from the aroma primarily, with some notes of pineapple in the background as well.  The hop aroma is present but not aggressive.

Taste & Aftertaste

With my first sip, I immediately detected grapefruit and pineapple.  The beer has some bitterness to it, though it’s a soft bitterness that does not linger at all in the aftertaste.  This is also surprisingly sweet (perhaps too sweet)- there are definitely some notes of sweet caramel present in the malt character of this beer.  The floral hop notes that I perceived in the aroma are not as prominent in the actual flavor of the beer- they give way to the tropical fruit and sweet caramel notes that I detailed above.  What’s scary to me is that this beer clocks in at 8% ABV- this beer does not taste like it has that much alcohol in it at all.  I could easily drink a few of these without even batting an eye- this beer can get a person in trouble.  True to the style of the typical New England IPA, this beer is an awesome hybrid of IPA and fruit juice.  It highlights the fruity character of its hops while avoiding being aggressively bitter  Well done!

Overall Impressions

The combination of fruity flavors and mild bitterness (for an IPA) makes this beer a good example of a New England style IPA (and maybe even a bridge for those who typically don’t find IPAs to be very palatable).  However, because this beer is so sweet and because of its alcohol level, I, personally, could only limit myself to one of these in a single sitting before moving on to something else.  The flavor is really amazing, but it’s also just too sweet for me to be perfectly honest.  This is a well brewed beer, and if you can tolerate sweetness and/or are looking to bridge into the IPA scene without excessive bitterness, then this is the beer for you.  The fruity hop flavors will blow you away.  Cheers!

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