Oskar Blues Brewery: Death By Coconut 11/10/2016

With the election finally over, I think everyone, regardless of who you voted for, could use a break from the drama and enjoy a beer.  I suspect most people’s fridges, regardless of political affiliation, are low in stock after this most recent election cycle.  I am no exception to this.  So whether you are celebrating the results or drowning your sorrows in alcohol, it’s time to restock your fridge and remember that beer tastes fantastic no matter who is in office.  With this in mind, I went out shopping for beer and spotted something on the shelf that I could not ignore- Death By Coconut.  Released every fall by Oskar Blues Brewery, Death By Coconut is one of those beers that has a lot of hype behind it, so I decided to grab myself a can and offer my insight.  Here are my thoughts:

Beer Name: Death By Coconut

Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery

Brewery Location: Longmont, CO

Beer Style: Porter

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 25


Death By Coconut pours a very deep brown, almost black, color with a thick tan head that dissipates to a thin tan lace that follows the beer down the glass.  It looks very inviting.



As one would expect, toasted coconut is the dominant aroma, followed by light hints of sweet chocolate.  When I close my eyes, I could imagine myself enjoying this beer over Thanksgiving Dinner (or dessert).

Taste & Aftertaste

As one would expect by the name, a rich coconut flavor is most prominent up front.  Each sip is followed up by a distinct smooth chocolate flavor- not quite as sweet as milk chocolate, but also not bitter-sweet enough like dark chocolate (but close).  The beer starts off sweet on the palate but dries out in the finish.  This beer is a bit more thin-bodied side than I expected, but is by no means a watery beer.  There is not much in terms of roasty or ashy qualities to this beer, which for me is a good thing because I hate it when a beer tastes like ash and nothing else.  This beer is smooth!  There is no perceivable hop character (appropriate for the style), and the dry finish paired with the moderate alcohol level makes this beer very easy to drink.  My main issue with this beer is that there is a lingering bitterness/astringency that remains on the palate after every sip.  It’s the kind of bitterness where you kind of just want to scrape your tongue to get the bitterness off.  A pretty good beer overall, though.  I could see myself enjoying this as a dessert beer after a hearty meal (I’m thinking Thanksgiving), maybe with a side of pumpkin pie.

Overall Impressions

This beer has good coconut and chocolate flavor, but truth be told, I kind of think that it’s a little overrated.  Honestly, once you get past the coconut and chocolate flavors of this beer, I find myself struggling to report on much else flavor-wise…I think, overall, it kind of lacks complexity.  Also the lingering bitterness that I get from each sip was kind of a turn off for me.  But like I said before- the dominant coconut and chocolate flavors of this beer are very satisfying and delicious, and if you are a fan of those flavors, then I strongly urge you to try this beer.

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